501 Mangalore Ganesh Beedi

  • 501 Ganesh beedies are 100% natural and absolutely no additives or chemicals are added during any stage of the manufacturing.
  • Completely hand made! Everything from the rolling of the beedies to packing the cartons is done by hand
  • Originating From South India made from finest tobacco havin a mild and long lasting pleasing taste largely sold in western countries ,Bahamas, West Indies , Europe , Gulf, Russia, South Asia
  • No other brand stands matching its potential its close competitor Rajkamal Beedi comes second with all similarities of 501 Ganesh Beedi

Raj Kamal Beedi

  • Raj Kamal Beedi one of the largest selling beedis in India . Completely Hand Made No Harmful additives are added. extensively care taken to monitor the quality of beedi.
  • Close competitor to 501 Ganesh Beedi with all similar features mild and long lasting taste .
  • Its demand is Increasing Year on Year in Western Countries , Russia , Europe.
  • Due to its all distinctive qualities no other brand stands in its competition. A Tough Competitor to 501 Ganesh Beedi

30 Number Beedi

  • Bharath Beedi Works Pvt.Ltd rolls out over 60 million beedies a day. The company employs more than 50,000 employees directly and an equal number indirectly.
  • The 30 Number Beedies are exported to over 16 countries. They are largest selling beedies in India and all across globe
  • Having great packaging , rich quality and long lasting smoking pleasure there's no match with this product
  • Finest tobacco and tendu leaves are use in making Best product in its class

Shivaji Beedi

  • Shivaji Beedi Contains the best tobacco wrapped in tendu leaves having mild soothing taste
  • Largely sold in all parts of India and catching attention abroad

Special Telephone Beedi

  • Special Telephone Beedi serving the finest tobacco flakes wrapped in tendu leaves giving rich smoking pleasure
  • Largely sold in Gujarat , Western , Northern and Eastern Indian States and abroad

Shikari Chaap Beedi

  • Shikari Chaap Beedi delivers best tobacco flakes wrapped in tendu leaves Serving strong to medium smoking pleasure

Patel Chaap Beedi

  • Patel Chap Beedi delivers finesh tobacco flakes wrapped in tendu leaves

Ajanta Beedi

  • Ajanta Paper Beedi Containing finest tobacco flakes Wrapped in thin paper
  • Originating From West Bengal Largely Sold in Western & Northern Indian States
Warning : Smoking Beedi is injurious to health.